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Welcome to the CE-File Website. We are pleased to announce that electronic filing and payment of fees is now available for Technology and Construction Court, Chancery Division, Commercial and Admiralty Courts and Bankruptcy and Companies Courts. The CE-File system is now in an extended pilot phase and we welcome any feedback about the system and how it works. Your feedback is important to ensure we can provide the best possible service. Court users are now able to file new cases and file on existing cases where a new number has been allocated.


Thank you and we look forward to receiving your feedback.


The Chancellor of the High Court, Mr Justice Blair and Mr Justice Coulson



You can access the CE-File system by clicking on the button in the menu bar above




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Please Note: Chancery cases are searchable from 1st October 2014, TCC cases from 10th November 2014. There are earlier TCC and Chancery cases on the system but they are not a complete record of all cases issued during those years. Admiralty & Commercial cases are searchable from 2004, although the information in relation to whether public documents are available only appears on cases issued from the 29th June 2015 onwards.